Have you been hearing about the NSA or FBI on the news lately? Or how about the CIA, NASA, and FDA? This alphabet soup of government agencies appears in the news often, as they are responsible for the well-being, safety and happiness of United States citizens. These agencies, along with other departments and branches of government take care of homeland security, the environment, health issues and many other basic concerns of the country. In order to ensure that these agencies can handle a wide variety of problems, they employ many professionals to take care of administrative research duties. Science positions are especially important because the federal government depends on the latest technological and scientific developments to keep the country at its peak performance in serving its citizens and in international relations.

There are various government agencies to choose from and careers for every type of specialty and personality. These positions are often competitive, requiring strong skills in organization, cooperation, leadership, diplomacy, research and communication. Government employees are usually paid well, receive many benefits, are compensated for any difficult working conditions and enjoy job security that cannot always be found in the private sector.  read more…

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