The LGBT Movement Inside the United States Government: Analysing Social Movement Networks in Political Spatialities

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.5.108-121 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract This paper explores the relationship between the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender movement and the United States Government in Washington, District of Columbia. It makes the argument that the LGBT movement has established itself in the political spatialities found in Washington D.C. in order to create pro-equality social reform. The paper identifies […]

Hydrological Dynamics of Two Seasonal Floodplain Wetlands in the South Carolina Piedmont

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.90-98 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Seasonal floodplain wetlands occur throughout the Piedmont Region of South Carolina, providing a plethora of ecosystem services. As a result of extensive soil erosion during the agricultural period from mid-1700s until mid-1900s, Piedmont floodplains have accreted significantly, altering their natural flood regime. The purpose of this study was to better understand the […]

Chromosome Interactions and Where to Find Them

PDF Cells face a perplexing challenge: Squeezing in two meters of DNA inside a nucleus a fraction of a millimetre wide.  The cell achieves this by tightly wrapping DNA into structures known as chromosomes. The way chromosomes are localised within the nucleus can have implications for gene expression and is thus an area that is […]

Farming Goes Vertical

PDF No more clear blue skies: the pink glow emitted by thousands of LED lights is the new ideal – and only – weather forecast in modern farming. Leafy greens grow in layers, stacked up like a vegetable lasagna in a climate-controlled warehouse that climbs tens of meters high. There is no soil for the […]

Correlations between Gray-White Matter Contrast in Prefrontal Lobe Regions and Cognitive Set-Shifting in Healthy Adults

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.98-107 Abstract | Introduction | Methods | Results | Discussion | Conclusions |Acknowledgements | References | PDF Abstract Humans have a unique capacity for higher order cognition such as planning and multitasking. These abilities are collectively referred to as executive functions. This study investigates cognitive set-shifting, a type of executive function that involves shifting from one task to another. Advances in neuroimaging have allowed for the structural integrity of specific […]

Interview with Penny Kuhn M.Sc. – Managing Editor at Endangered Species Research

PDF Penny Kuhn is the managing editor of Endangered Species Research, a journal based out of Germany. She works remotely and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We asked her some questions about life in the science communication world. What is your official title and what are your specific responsibilities? Managing Editor for Endangered Species Research. […]

Therapeutic Potential of Optogenetic Treatment for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.77-82 Abstract | Introduction | Future Directions and Conclusion | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neuroautoimmune condition characterized by neurodegeneration and demyelination throughout the central nervous system. While the pathology of MS is largely unknown, its symptoms are well defined. Current MS therapies such as intravenous corticoid injection, disease […]

Application of Neuroscience Principles for Evidence-based Design in Architectural Education

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.71-76 Abstract | Introduction | Evidence-Based Design | Conclusions | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract We spend approximately 90% of our time within a built environment, whether it is in our homes, offices, schools, city parks, or public spaces. This bears significance, as we are equally shaped by both our genetic makeup as well as our […]

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Connecting Mechanisms to Diagnosis and Treatment

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.83-86 Abstract | Introduction |Discussion | Conclusions | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that has been linked to the incidence of repetitive mild traumatic brain injuries. As chronic traumatic encephalopathy has no formal diagnosis or treatment, current research is striving to better understand its neuropathology in order to develop effective […]

A New Perspective on Parkinson’s Disease: Pathology Begins in the Gastrointestinal Tract

doi:10.22186/jyi.33.4.63-70  Abstract | Introduction | References | PDF Full Issue: September 2017 Special Edition Abstract Gastrointestinal dysfunction has a high prevalence in the preclinical phase of Parkinson’s Disease. This review analyzes recent reports that show abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract of Parkinson’s patients compared to controls, suggesting that the disease originates in the gut. The enteric nervous system, which is […]

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