National Science Foundation

This is a great link to science career statistics provided by the National Science Foundation. It contains links to other science stories, opportunities and societies through its homepage.



Supported by the publishing group Nature, this science career site splits jobs into two “channels”: physical sciences and life sciences. Each channel features news and feature stories, along with a job search engine. As of June 2005, the site had 169 physical science jobs and over 1,000 life science jobs posted. The jobs were divided evenly between full time and part-time positions, spanning everything from university faculty positions, to fellowships, to facilities managers. With big-time employers such as Proctor & Gamble, The Institute of Cancer Research, and GE (to name a few), this is definitely a site worth checking out.


Council for the Advancement of Science Writing

A great resource for students interested in science writing as a career.


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There is a link to JYI's staff organization chart at Our Team. We have Executive-level appointments, middle management opportunities, and entry-level positions. Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to join our team. We’re always looking for motivated students to help advance our organization’s mission.
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