While not everyone enjoys school, there are those among us who thrive in the learning environment of universities, colleges, and public schools.  If you find yourself wishing you could stay in school forever, than consider a career in academia.

Traditional academic science focuses on laboratory research to gather new knowledge and on teaching to impart that scientific knowledge to future generations.  The most well known career in academia is that of the professor—a scientist who divides his or her time between teaching and research; however, there are a variety of careers in academia besides the professor.  Lab technicians, field assistants, and research administrators all facilitate the advancement of science knowledge.  Others even forgo the university and research environment altogether to teach science to K-12 students.

Opportunities exist within academic science for people of many different education levels, skills, and interests.  The plethora of job opportunities is advertised on university websites, in science journals, and on field-specific organization websites. read more…

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Former JYI staff members have gone on to win Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright Scholarships, as well as NSF Graduate Research Fellowships and other graduate research funding.
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